1. Squeeze out moisture from your mozzarella

If you got a ball of mozzarella, it can be very water logged. Squeeze it in a cloth or paper towel to remove moisture and it will cook better and melt faster.


2. Save time with pre-made dough

Dough can take a long time to make. We've tried and recommend dough from SafeWay, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's. They all use 00 flour and each ball has enough dough for two neapolitan style pizzas.


3. Make it thin as you can

For crispier and less bread-like crusts, make it thin.


Use a pizza peel

One of the hardest things and easiest ways to mess up your pizza is a successful launch onto the Steel Stone. A thin aluminum or wood peel helps it slide easier and its easier to reach the oven.


Let the dough rest while rolling.

Stop rolling and let the dough rest for a minute. 




Being fast = no peel sticking 

Your dough sticks when it gets wet on the outside. floured surface. 

Make you oven extra hot.


Place on a grate to cool and keep crust crispy.

Add basil after cooking

Do it on a grill.

Try making our classic Neapolitan Margerita pizza.





We recommend ready-made dough from SafeWay, Whole Foods, and Trader Joes. They all use 00 flour. And you can split the dough in half, it's perfect for two neapolitan style pizzas.

Neapolitan Pizza Dough from scratch:


Spread some flour down. Drop on your dough and press out with palms and flip over a few times. Then roll it out with a rolling pin.

Let it rest for a minute a few times while you roll it out. 


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